Why ‘Buying WA Butter’ Feels A Bit Like Going To A Magic Show…

I loved seeing magic shows as a kid. To say I was intrigued would have been an understatement – I simply had to understand how they did it! I was so convinced by the idea that they had worked out how to alter reality I thought what I was seeing was real.


The truth is quite different. Magicians have only perfected the illusion of breaking the laws of physics, not actually breaking them. It is our job as the audience to simply sit back and enjoy the ride knowing full well that its just a trick.

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“We feel that sourcing only WA ingredients is a value that is non-negotiable.”

If you have been buying our butter for a long time its highly likely that you hold this value in high regard too. With all the attention that ‘buying local/buying Australian’ is receiving at the moment it’s important to make sure you’re peaking behind the curtain and casting a vote for the real-deal, not the magician...

How To Know You’re Buying A Genuine WA Product:

Made In Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients
  1. The producer will explicitly say so on the label and will likely embrace it as a part of their brand.
  2. There will be a “Made In Australia Logo” specifying what percentage of the ingredients are locally sourced – sadly, there isn’t such a logo for “WA only” so you have to keep your wits about you and do some digging...
  3. Being aware that "made in WA" or "packed in WA" means exactly and only that. It doesn't mean that the ingredients are sourced from WA. They could easily come from eastern states, or another country entirely.
  4. Source your food from a Farmer’s Market and speak directly to the producer. It is our policy to be 100% transparent about where we source our ingredients from and are more than happy to discuss it with our customers. Hold other producers to the same standard and if they are being dismissive or avoidant it’s a red flag.

What About "Buy West Eat Best"?

Buy West Eat Best Logo

“The Buy West Eat Best program is a voluntary labelling and marketing initiative developed by the Western Australian Government... When you see the green bite mark logo, you can trust that you are supporting products that have been fished, farmed, grown and processed right here in Western Australia.”  1

The key point here being that it is voluntary, and requires the producer to pay an annual membership fee for the right to label products with the buy west eat best logo.

We support the initiative in principle but think its unnecessary for us at the moment as we are already promoting so much awareness behind our market stall every Saturday! 😊 You may find many of your favourite stallholders are in the same boat.

The aim of this article was to help you feel more confident about what you’re buying and raise awareness the next time you’re at the checkout. Enjoy the process of finding people and producers who believe what you believe.

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Happy Buttering!



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1. Source: https://www.buywesteatbest.org.au/about/faqs/

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