Resolute Resolutions


Resolute Resolutions

We’d bet you’ve heard a lot of these phrases in the last week or so, “new beginning”, “fresh start”, “clean slate” and when it comes to a new year it’s kind of expected (right?) as everyone makes resolutions, writes out goals and sets out to achieve them. Personally, we are big fans of goal setting and making things happen by checking in with our goals and milestones throughout the year, but as common as setting a new year’s resolution may be in January, it’s actually not that common for people to achieve their goals or follow through with their resolutions past February. Although we know how life can get in the way sometimes, goal setting is can be such a powerful tool to have in your life tool kit and we want for you to see success with your goals, just as we have with ours over the years.

Here are some top tips to keep your goals front and centre, take action and see the results you’ve desired for:

  • Be clear on what success looks like for you & why this goal is important: a goal can mean many different things to many different people. But it’s only you who is setting the goal for yourself, so be confident that you are 100% sure of what you want to outcome to be, so you know exactly what action steps to take to get there. Without feeling connected to the importance of the goal, the goal is essentially just random. The higher the connection of importance to the goal and the sense of purpose you know the outcome of achieving this goal will grant you, the more driven you will be to see it to fruition and allow it to motivate you when times feel tougher.
  • Don’t let other people decide on the goal (and the outcome) for you: yes, support is always a positive when setting out to achieve something new for yourself, however it’s important to remember that it’s your goal and your desired outcome, not anyone else’s. Sharing a goal is great as it keeps you motivated and supported so rally in someone you know will keep you on track if needed as long as you don’t become co-dependent on them to achieve your goal. To reach your planned outcome you must feel ownership of the goal and commitment to it. When it becomes someone elses goal you could lose belief in your ability to reach it.
  • Set your goals but be flexible with the approach: There is always going to more than one way to achieve something, so if you set out on your goal getting journey to stumble or hit a motivational wall, don’t let this be ‘the sign’ that you’re unworthy of reaching your desired outcome. Sometimes, a simple reframe of the situation or circumstances can lead you down a path that grants you far better results that first expected. Adapt and adjust when required, but don’t give up.
  • Track your greatness! As with most things in life, we forget how much we’ve achieved in such little time when we get caught up in our day to day and it’s only when we stop and take stock, we realise that we’re far more capable than we thought we would be. Yay to us! The quote, “what get’s measured, gets done” is a fantastic way to inspire a milestone check-in every week, fortnight or month in the lead up to your desired goal outcome. It can be as simple as ticking a line off your to-do list, or as detailed as a written outcome of your results and experiences thus far.

By breaking your goal into small actionable steps at your goal setting phase, you are giving yourself smaller milestones to reach which is a great way to take the overwhelm out of the task. It’s always fun to share your success at each milestone with your supportive buddy, or an online app. This also serves to motivate you, hold you accountable and celebrate your capabilities!

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