Boiled Eggs

Perfect Boiled Eggs, Every Time

It seems simple - put an egg in boiling water and leave. And most of the time this method will somewhat achieve the desired result. However, there is more to this science. And in the pursuit of glossy yellow yolks, and non-rubbery whites we're here to help. So save this handy guide or print it out and store in an easy to reference spot. Once you've nailed the art of perfect boiled eggs, there's no going back.

Good to know: 

  • Eggs at least 2 weeks old are easier to peel!
  • Cooking times will vary based on the size of the egg (smaller 600gr or larger 800gr). The times in this guide is based on 700gr eggs.


Prepare in Advance:

  • 3-4 700gr Eggs
  • Prepare an ice and water bath, store in fridge (if intending to use boiled eggs for sandwiches, salads, or snacks).
  • Pre-set a timer to 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 minutes (as below).


How to:

  1. Gently place refrigerated eggs in the bottom of a heavy bottom pot.
  2. Cover eggs with about 2.5cm of cold tap water.
  3. Place pot on stove and bring to boil over a high heat.
  4. Once a boil is reached, remove pot from stove immediately (this prevents the yolk turning green).
  5. Press Start on timer* (cooking times below) and leave eggs in the pot to cook using the residual heat from the boiled water.


*Cooking Times:
2 minutes: White not quite set, yolk is raw

4 minutes: White is set, yolk runny

6 minutes: White is set, yolk slightly runny

8 minutes: White is set, yolk just set but tender

10 minutes: White and yolk are set


Once done:
Serving Hot? Serve straight away. Slice off top of egg.

Serve Cold? Gently transfer eggs into the ice bath to stop the cooking process. Leave in fridge for about 20-25 minutes.


Peeling Boiled Eggs:

  • Take eggs out of fridge, place a sink strainer over the drain.
  • Run cold water, crack eggs and peel away the shell under the tap.
  • Some may look pretty, some might not - how the shell sticks to the boiled eggs depends on their freshness.


Serving Suggestion: Serve warm boiled eggs alongside some generously buttered toast (cut into dipping soldiers is optional... but recommended 🤣).


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  1. Jane on September 23, 2021 at 6:16 PM

    And use Runnymede eggs for best results!

    • The_Butter_People_Kylie The_Butter_People_Kylie on September 24, 2021 at 6:45 AM

      Absolutely Jane! Couldn’t agree more. Runnymede eggs are our go-to as well 🙂

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