Meet The Butter People

The Butter People - Kris & Kylie

Where Is The WA Butter?

Kylie and Kris, are a husband and wife (to be!) team who are proud self-declared "Butter People". We believe there is a community of people who care about where their food comes from, who enjoy healthy living, and crave real ingredients.

The Butter People started with Kylie's passion for cooking, and experimenting with food. Kylie is particulary interested in texture and obsesses about flavour.


Having searched high and low for a decent butter, Kylie couldn't find one that ticked all the boxes. Where were all the WA producers hiding?

Without finding exactly what she was looking for (and not being one to settle), Kylie put her 20 years of cooking experience and knowledge to good use and created what was to be the beginning of The Butter People.


As the official household taste tester, paired with years of working in the hospitality industry, Kris saw potential in Kylie’s natural ability to create recipes, and balance flavours effortlessly whilst always delivering on amazing taste. Bringing our talents together The Butter People became real! ⠀⠀
As a two person team, we're immersed within every inch of the business, and we love the joys and challenges it bring us!


Put some WA Butter back on to your table, and genuinely taste the difference!

What makes Our Butter Unique?

The quality of our ingredients makes our butter special.


We are artisan producers of premium WA Butter with no added preservatives, fillers or nasties. Our butter is a completely all natural product made from the freshest perishable ingredients possible.


We are proud supporters of ethical & sustainable dairy farmers and only source cream from a herd of the happiest grass-fed cows. Our butters are traditionally garnished with the best salt too; sourced from the lowest carbon emission salt producer in Australia. A uniquely WA Lake Salt that is both textural and delicious.


Even our brown paper packaging is biodegradable and compostable, breaking down within 4-6 weeks; free from all waxes, adhesives, and dyes.


Combine all of these elements with our passion for great food and environmental awareness means you can truly taste the difference.

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