Meet The Butter People

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Where is the WA Butter?

A simple question that built a business...


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Kylie and Kris are a husband and wife team who are proud self-declared "Butter People".


They are a part of the growing community who want to know where their food comes from, embrace natural ingredients, and enjoy clean living.

The Butter People all started because of Kylie's passion for cooking and experimenting with food. She’s always been interested in texture and particularly obsessed about flavour.


Having searched high and low for a decent butter that met such high standards, she was unable find one that ticked all the boxes.


Not being one to settle, Kylie put her 20 years of cooking experience to use and created what the market was missing.

Real butter made in WA

A completely all-natural butter, made from locally sourced WA ingredients, gently crafted from the most gorgeous cream available.


The butter is packaged in the most delightful kraft paper, which is both biodegradable and compostable.


The butter is rich in aroma, full of flavour and tastes phenomenal.

Everyday Eating
Kris & Kylz - Manning Farmers Market

Butter for the people

Starting out in grassroots Farmers Market stalls, quickly led to supplying premium local delis, artisan bakeries and fine dining restaurants.


Online shopping became their next frontier, launching home deliveries across the Perth Metro area via their own online store and through a host of other passionate retailers dedicated to delivering real food to the people of Perth.


We're so grateful to have the opportunity to produce a quality product that is so enthisuastically embraced by our community.


Thank you, all you butter lovers out there! 🥰

Awards & Recognition

Our proudest public accomplishment (to date!) has been Winning 2021 Champion Butter for both the Perth Royal Food Awards AND the Dairy Industry Association of Australia WA Awards.


To be recognised as the Best Butter in the State by the people who are precisely most qualified to judge is an absolute honour.  🏆


In saying that it is also such a joy to have our customers come back week after week, year after year to buy our butter.


Where people choose to spend their dollars is the single greatest vote they can ever make for the types of products they want to see in the world.


We cherish the fact that these people want ours. 😍

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WA State Champion - Winning Photo Kris & Kylie
Bannister Downs Herd - Photo Credit Craig Kinder
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What makes our butter different?

The quality of our ingredients is what makes our butter special.


We are artisan producers of premium WA Butter with no added preservatives, fillers or nasties. Our butter is a completely all natural product made from the freshest perishable ingredients possible.


We are proud supporters of ethical & sustainable dairy farmers and only source cream from a herd of the happiest grass-fed cows.


Traditionally garnished with the best salt too, sourced from the lowest carbon emission salt producer in Australia. A uniquely WA Lake Salt that is both textural and delicious.


Even our brown paper packaging is biodegradable and compostable, breaking down within 4-6 weeks; free from all waxes, adhesives, and dyes.


Combine all of these elements with our passion for great food and environmental awareness means you can truly taste the difference.

Everything tastes better with butter

Making your food memorable... since forever

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