Homemade Savoury Ricotta Cheese

Recipe Homemade Ricotta Cheese Post 2021.06.03

Ricotta is a highly versatile cheese for sweet or savoury dishes. It's creamy texture and super yummy taste, plus it's very simple to make. Perfect if you're new to cheese making and not quite sure how to start! 

We're not associated with or paid ambassadors of Thermomix, however this recipe calls for one. We use the TM31 and find this kitchen appliance helpful for this recipe because it takes the angst out of cheese making by maintaining the required temperature, keeps the milk moving, easy clean up, and comes with a basket.

You can opt for the stove and thermometer method. And you can also use a ricotta cheese basket in place of a cheese cloth, but please note that we've not tried either of these methods ourselves.


 Top tip: Timing and temperature are important! Give yourself the gift of success by being prepared.



What you’ll need:



1 Thermomix

1 Simmering Basket


Digital Timer, pre-set to two minutes.

Cheese Cloth

Somewhere to suspend the cheese while draining (over Thermomix bowl, or sink)



2 Litres Full Cream, Non-Homogenised Milk (not UHT)

½ Cup White Vinegar*

Pinch of Salt*


*These ingredients are for a savoury ricotta cheese. To make it sweet omit salt and replace white vinegar with freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Ricotta Cheese Method

  1. Line Simmering Basket with Cheese Cloth (folded over itself 2-3 times, leaving plenty of hang). Set aside in a larger heatproof bowl.
  2. Prepare ½ cup vinegar and place aside.
  3. Pour milk into Thermomix. Heat for 10 mins/ 100 degrees/ speed 2.
  4. Turn off heat. Turn dial to speed 4 to create a whirlpool. Add salt and vinegar through measuring cup hole. Replace measuring cup and turn dial to speed 0. Allow cheese to sit for 2 minutes (start the timer!).
  5. Gently pour cheese into Simmering Basket lined with Cheese Cloth. Wrap warm cheese in cloth, tie a knot at the top, and suspend to drain the whey. 10-20 minutes for looser curds, or up to an hour for a firmer cheese.
  6. Serve straight away, or store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

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