A Conversation About Butter Coffee

James McDonald (Giving Greens) & Kris Perttula (The Butter People) talk about keto butter coffee.

GivingGreens is Perth's go-to for nutrient dense, easy-to-use microgreens. It's very likely you've dined at a local cafe or restaurant and enjoyed a healthy dose of James' hand-sown GivingGreens lovingly garnished on top.

Microgreens aside though, James has long enjoyed the benefits of butter coffee. With thanks to our meeting through Stirling Farmers Market, James bought a roll of our butter and hasn't been able to use anything else in his daily cup since.

Earlier this week, Kris sat down over a healthy brew with James to learn more about this glorious morning nectar, and the vital role it plays in his everyday life.


Kris: So James, how did you get into butter coffee?

James: I'm pretty sure it was Aubrey Marcus' book 'Own the Day, Own Your Life' that introduced me to butter coffee.

Kris: Love it! I read that one last year, such a great book.

Kris: And how would you say Butter Coffee has improved your life?

James: I was attracted to the idea of the butter coffee primarily for the increased energy aspects.

In addition, there were 3 other Benefits that interested me in Butter Coffee:

    • Benefit 1: Coffee gives you a strong burst of signal disruptors that blocks feelings of tiredness. In combination with fats such as butter and MCT oil, the absorption of caffeine is slowed down giving a longer, more sustained feeling of energy.
    • Benefit 2: Is that I would quite often get the shakes in the morning with straight coffee if I hadn't already eaten something, the added fats helped to reduce that over-caffeinated feeling.
    • Benefit 3: Given that I wanted to shift towards a more ketogenic lifestyle where the body uses fats, instead of carbohydrates, as its primary energy source, the added butter and MCT oil help to increase my fat intake while giving me a dose of beneficial micronutrients.


Kris: What advice would you give to someone looking to start out?

James: Use good quality butter, from The Butter People of course! I've opted for salted butter for flavour and to increase my sodium intake.

Kris: And our Pure Butter is also a really good butter for coffee too?

James: Yes, I started with the Pure and moved to the Salted.

Kris: Are there any mistakes we can learn from?

James: Don't try making it in a Nutribullet, or one of those blenders that are upside down. Combining hot coffee in an almost airtight vessel only ends in a mess.

Kris: Indeed! Very good advice.

Kris: What are some common misconceptions about butter coffee?

James: While not specifically a misconception of the butter coffee, the misconception that dietary fats are the cause of excess body fat is a myth. Like most things, there are good fats and bad fats. Saturated fat was indeed once vilified but has been found to be beneficial in small amounts. As for increasing body fat, if you're consuming more calories of anything, fat, protein, or carbs, than you're expending you're likely to see an increase in stored body fat.

Kris: What difference did our butter make to your daily brew?

James: I think that there is more to be gained from the food we eat than just the immediate satisfaction of the flavours and textures. Prior to 'The Butter People' I was still using grass-fed butter, but making the switch gave me the added satisfaction of knowing that the most vital component in my butter coffee was made locally by people that I know are super-passionate about producing a top-quality product from local ingredients. Knowing that I am supporting their dreams and aspirations by buying their butter while they are supporting me in my health and well-being makes that daily coffee so much more rewarding.

Kris: Thanks for that James, really appreciate your kind words and for sharing your knowledge, I've definitely learnt a lot about the body and the multiple benefits of healthy butter. I'm sure you've also stimulated much food for thought amongst our readers. Appreciate you coming in brother!

James: Thanks for having me!

And there you have it. If you're feeling inspired and itching to make your own butter coffee, we've popped a simple recipe below. You can find some locally roasted Bolt Coffee and The Butter People Butter available through GivingLocal, Perth's Local Farmers Market Online.

Get Started Now and make your own Butter Coffee...

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