2020 Is Not Over Yet..

The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago. The Second Best Time Is Now


With the challenges 2020 brought us it’s easy to have written the year off 6 months ago. Unfortunately, time doesn’t work like this though. Life is precious and only moves forward one day at a time. And here, at The Butter People, we don’t believe it’s the right mindset to be wishing our most valuable resource away so easily, and neither should you! 😊


We’ve all been there: “Oh, I’ll do that next year”, or “Next Year will be different”. The problem is those New Year’s Resolutions are pesky little suckers and have a habit of getting away from us. 2020 isn’t over yet… We can still use the next 2-months to start something new, create some amazing memories this Christmas, and even get a head start on 2021!


Here are Our Top 3 Mindset Hacks to Start Something New:


  • 5-Minutes: Have you ever started cleaning one area in a room and then 2 hours later somehow cleaned your entire house? This was your mind yearning for a sense of closure. We can use this to our advantage by just starting small on something that is important to us. For example, take 5-minutes to write down what you want Christmas day to look like; menu, people, places – you’ll be rattling off ideas before you know it and forget all about the fact you only wanted to spend 5 minutes on it in the first place.
  • Reflect: When was the last time you achieved something you were proud of, and examined what people/ habits/resources you had that helped you do that? Often the key to you getting your best results is in your past behaviour, not trying to look for a new way of doing things. Was it the fact that you asked someone to help you? Was it that you worked on it at certain time of the day? You know what has led to your best work – recreate those conditions and get started!
  • Get Inspired: There is so much amazing content at our fingertips right now. “The Home Edit” on Netflix anyone?! Ideas in, equals ideas out. Flip through a cookbook, search Pinterest, model what others are doing. Don’t get stuck trying to reinvent the wheel, see what else has already been done and you will be inspired to put your own creative spin on it in no time.


We hope you have a great time on the lead up to Christmas this year and can find space for some of our butter too. Here’s to getting started! 2020’s not over yet! 😊

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